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Symposium Publications

One of the goals of the Committee is to encourage the archiving of electromagnetic launch technology research by publishing the symposium’s proceedings as an IEEE publication. The Committee is pleased to announce that all manuscripts accepted for publication will be published in the IEEE Conference Proceedings of the 2008 14th Symposium on Electromagnetic Launch Technology. The papers in this archival IEEE publication will be peer reviewed and recognized by academia, universities, industry, and government as the equivalent of articles submitted independently to leading scientific journals. This proceedings, as the earlier 13 volumes, represents the most vital collection of published works in the field, comprising cutting-edge research and findings.

      Invited papers, as well as superior papers that meet certain high standards of quality and originality, will be published additionally in the IEEE Transactions on Magnetics. Papers nominated for the Transactions during the peer review process will be evaluated by the Publications Committee in July 2008. Authors selected for publications in the Transactions will receive notification letters along with author kits and publication fees in July 2008.

            The IEEE Conference Proceedings of the 2008 14th Symposium on Electromagnetic Launch Technology, as well as the Transactions on Magnetics, will be archived in electronic form in the IEEE Xplore database, which can be accessed at http://ieeexplore.ieee.org. This online collection is the major archival source of papers published in this field.

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We are at the threshold of a new era in the applications of electromagnetic launch technology.

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