Symposium Topics

• EM Coilguns
• EM Railguns
• Electrothermal / Electrothermal-Chemical Launchers  

• Armatures
• Integrated Launch Packages
• Launch Package Components
• High-G Sensors
• Guidance, Navigation, and Control  

Pulsed-Power Supply Technology
• Energy Storage
• Power Conditioning
• Switching
• Controls   Modeling and Simulation
• Computational Techniques
• Modeling / Simulation Comparison  

• Diagnostic Techniques

• Land, Sea, Air
• Earth-to-Space Launch
• Magnetic Levitation
• EM Armor
• Industrial

Directed Energy Weapons

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We are at the threshold of a new era in the applications of electromagnetic launch technology.

Co-hosted by the Department of Weapon Systems and Ballistics of the Royal Military Academy and the Institute for Advanced Technology at The University of Texas at Austin under the co-sponsorship of the European Electromagnetic Launch Society (EEMLS), IEEE's Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society; and the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command’s Army Research Laboratory (ARL).

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