Welcome to the 15th International EML Symposium

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One of the highlights of the symposium is the Conference Awards Banquet, where individuals are recognized for their contributions to electromagnetic launch technology. Nominations are solicited for the Peter Mark Medal and the Peter Kemmey Memorial Student Scholarship Award.

Nominations are due by: January 15, 2010. Nominate someone here.

Peter J. Kemmey Memorial Student Scholarship

This scholarship was established as a tribute to the memory of the late Dr. Peter J. Kemmey, whose ideas and pioneering vision contributed to the broad EML initiative that began in the late 1970s, and the establishment of the EML Symposium shortly thereafter. This scholarship will cover transportation, lodging and registration fees for the symposium, up to $2,000 per student.

Previous Recipients:  Mohammad Rahimzadeh (14th), Mr. Dinesh G. Bansal (14th),
Anthony Johnson (13th), Alex Sitzman (13th), Jeroen de Boeij (12th), David Melton (12th),
Aaron Saenz (11th), Gary McHale (11th), Cliff Thomas (10th), Troy Savoie (10th), Jun li (9th)

Peter Mark Medal

The Peter Mark Medal, initiated in 1983, is named in honor of the late Professor Peter Mark, solid-state physicist and electrical engineer from Princeton University whose enthusiasm, intelligence, and vision helped contribute to the initiation of the U.S. program on electromagnetic launch technology. In addition to his participation in the development of the initial proposal to the Department of Defense, Professor Mark's early contributions as one of the founding members of the U.S. National Advisory Panel on Electromagnetic Guns and Launchers and his technical insight provided inspiration and direction for the emerging research program.

Selection Criteria

The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual’s continuing outstanding technical and educational contributions to electromagnetic launch technology. All nominations for the Peter Mark Medal should be in the form of a letter naming the individual and describing his or her lifetime contributions to the technology. Nominations are reviewed and the selection is made by the International EML Symposium Committee. The following criteria are used by the Committee members as guidelines to make their selection:

* Mastery of the science
* Execution / Impact
* Mastery of the technology
* Commitment
* Education of the community
* Creativity / Innovation
* Leadership / Advocacy

Previous Recipients:  Dr. Philip Rutberg (14th), Alex Zielinski (13th), Francis Stefani (12th),
David Haugh (11th), Gennady Shvetsov (10th) Keith Jamison (9th), Dave Bauer (8th), Jerry Parker (7th), Ron Hawke (6th), Ian McNab (5th), John Barber (4th), Bill Weldon (3rd), Henry Kolm (2nd), Dick Marshall (2nd)

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We are at the threshold of a new era in the applications of electromagnetic launch technology.

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