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This symposium is hosted by the Department of Weapon Systems and Ballistics of the Royal Military Academy.

The Royal Military Academy

The Royal Military Academy (ERM-KMS) is a university institution, established in 1834 by a French colonel of the French “Ecole Polytechnique”.
To be able to graduate, a student at the Academy not only has to meet the academic criteria, but also the requirements of the military, physical and character training.

The Royal Military Academy offers a multidisciplinary and integrated education, organised within the Polytechnics Faculty and the Faculty Social and Military Sciences. Both branches of studies attempt to provide the young officer with the necessary background to grasp the technical, economic, geopolitical and social complexities of our present world. Anticipating, organising, commanding, managing, co-ordinating and controlling are the basic tasks of the future officer.
As the Royal Military Academy is a military and in that way a federal educational institution, courses are taught both in French and Dutch, with the exception of a small number of courses that are taught in English.

The Department of Weapon Systems and Ballistics
The Department of Weapons Systems & Ballistics is unique as it is the only place in Belgium to teach courses in ballistics and weapon systems on a university level. The department is equipped with a modern laboratory containing a 102 m in-door range. Several research projects are performed within the department and its expertise is used for the benefit of multiple third parties (military and civilian).

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We are at the threshold of a new era in the applications of electromagnetic launch technology.

Co-hosted by the Department of Weapon Systems and Ballistics of the Royal Military Academy and the Institute for Advanced Technology at The University of Texas at Austin under the co-sponsorship of the European Electromagnetic Launch Society (EEMLS), IEEE's Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society; and the U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command’s Army Research Laboratory (ARL).

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