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  The online agenda, poster schedule was last updated: April 23, 2004

Wednesday, May 26, 4:20 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Poster Title
Effect of rail dimension on current distribution and inductance gradient   A. Keshtkar
Effect of liquid film Indium on thermal and electromagnetic distribution of an electromagnetic launcher with new armature   M. Ghassemi and Y. M. Barsi
Computation of magnetic fields using a 2D hybrid finite element/boundary element algorithm and comparison with analytical solutions   V. Thiagarajan and K. T. Hsieh
Investigation of a 3D hybrid finite element/boundary element method for electromagnetic launch applications and validation using semi-analytical solutions
  V. Thiagarajan and K. T. Hsieh
Use of a fast shock tube as an injector for electromagnetic railgun   T. Yangmeng and W. Ying
The dynamics of the acceleration of a band liner in a magnetic compressor   M. Galanin, K. Milyayev, V. Bakhtin, E. Grabovskiy, A. Zhitlukhin, V. Levashov, A. Lototskiy, N. Umrikhin, and D. Toporkov
FEM analysis of the induction motor used for hybrid electric vehicle   C. Shukang, Z. Ping, and W. Tiecheng
Optimization design of driving coil in the coil gun with plate projectile   L. Liyi, L. Xiaopeng, S. Liwei, and C. Shukang
An improved, linear homopolar, electro-magnetic launcher: STAR   W. C. Nunnally, J. E. Thompson, T. G. Engel, and C. V. Smith, Jr.
Mechanical and mathematical model of passive electromagnetic armor and solution with FEA   Z. Zhenzhong, H. Jinsuo, X. Longtang, and Z. Chenqingchang
A novel driven and control system for direct-wheel-driven electric vehicle   T. Guilin, M. Zhiyun, Z. Libing, and L. Langru
Research progress in the development of a high-efficiency, medium-caliber helical coil electromagnetic launcher   T.G. Engel, W.C. Nunnally, and J. Neri
Operating control of efficiently generating of induction motor for driving hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)   K. Baoquan, L. Liyi, C. Shukang, and M. Fanrong
Design and manufacture high current measurement device with proper bandwidth by Rogowski coil technique   S.M. Miresmaily and G. Darvish
Study of a Single-Stage Electromagnetic Launcher System Using Pancake Coil   Q. Deng, J. Li, Y. Gui, J. Yuan, Z. Wang
Electrical characteristics of high energy density MLC for pulse power application   L. Dai, F. Lin, Z. Zhu, and J. Li
Analytical approximation for current distribution in the rail accelerator   V. Chemerys and A. Raychenko
Scanning electron microscope examination of JA2 propellant samples exposed to plasma radiation   M.A. Schroeder, R.A. Beyer, and R.A. Pesce-Rodriguez
New engine-motor hybrid-driving system for the future's Armor Vehicle   Z. Keyi, F. Ming, and W. Haiqiang
Mixing processes of plasmas in electrothermal-chemical guns   C.R. Woodley
Reliable, highly reproducible plasma injectors for ET and ETC launchers   N. Shafir, D. Zoler, S. Wald, and M. Shapira
Calculation of electromagnetic force on Three-phase Air-core coils linear thruster   W. Xinlao, Z. Qianfan, C. Shukang, P. Yulong, and C. Yuan
Integrating electromagnetic launchers on ships   A. Challita, J. Barber, J. Ykema, and C. Allen
Communication on vehicle management unit in the electric vehicle   Wu Hong-xing, C. Shu-mei, and C. Shu-kang
Multi-beam electromagnetic shock wave generator   Yu.V.Andriyanov, B.A.Garilevich, K.G.Bagaudinov
Empirical data on high flow rate coolants in copper tubing and the effects on the coolant’s electrical resistivity   J. Hahne, H. Liu, C. S. Hearn, E. Schroeder, and J. O'Rarden
UT Center for Electromechanics
Development of the 40 V hybrid super-capacitor unit   Z. Ji-yan, Z. Li, and S. Jin-yan
Design and performance of an 8-MJ launch package   I. R. McNab, M. Erengil, S. Satapathy, and W. S. Lawhorn
Loss reduction strategies in design of magnetic bearing actuators for military vehicle applications   M. Pichot
The mechanical behavior of conductors exposed to short-duration thermal loading   R. Watkins, K. Ravi-Chandar, and S. Satapathy
Flywheel charging module for energy storage used in electromagnetic aircraft launch system   D. W. Swett and J. G. Blanche
Design characteristics of induction motor used for hybrid electric vehicle   W. Tiecheng, Z. Ping, and C. Shukang
Analysis of Rail Surfaces from a Multi-Shot Railgun   R. A. Meger, K. Cooper, H. Jones, J. Neri, S. Qadri, I. L. Singer, J. Sprague, and K. J. Wahl
Experimental investigation of hypervelocity plasma jets generated with a coaxial arc device   M. Rott, C. Artelt, and T. Höschen
Interruption of the explosion of plasma initiator wires   M.J. Taylor
Iterative transient model for railgun electro-mechanical performance optimization   R.K. Pitman, R.L. Ellis, and J.S. Bernardes
Estimating the efficiency of pulsed alternators   D. Landen
Simulation and research of one-dimensional coupling model of SPETCG   J. Sun, Y. Lv, Y. Wang, and G. Feng
Resistance calculation of the reusable linear magnetic flux compressor coil   J. Li, Y. Gui, P. Yan, J. Yuan, and Z. Wang
A high current, high dI/dt, light activated thyristor   D. Giorgi, J. Long, D. Crosley, and T. Navapanich

Thursday, May 27, 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Poster Title
Effect of armature slit dimensions on railgun performance   A. Keshtkar and H. Khaniki
On the noise component in muzzle voltage traces   D. Melton and F. Stefani
Analysis of the effects of induced fields from sliding electrical contacts   V. Thiagarajan
A pulsed MHD generator for electric launcher   W. Ying, Y. Ping, X. Haizhong, F. Genxi, L. Qiang
The finite element analysis for the magnetic field of the active EM armor projectile interceptor   L. Zhiyuan, M. Sun, F. Ming, and C. Yangjie
Structural mechanics for electromagnetic rail guns   J. T. Tzeng
Space application research based on reconnection electromagnetic launch (RCEML) technology   L. Liyi, L. Xiaopeng, and K. Baoquan
Emulational research and experimental analysis of reconnection electromagnetic launcher (RCEML)   C. Shukang, L. Liyi, and L. Xiaopeng
Li ion energy storage for pulse power applications   T. Matty and K. Nechev
Design characteristic and calorification analysis of water-cooling and high-speed induction motor used in hybrid electric vehicle (HEV)   L. Liyi, K. Baoquan, C. Shukang, and H. Yusheng
Experiments with brush armatures: new technical solutions   M. Schneider, R. Schneider, and D. Eckenfels
Electromagnetic and mechanical gyro stabilization in railgun launcher   G. Becherini, A. Tellini, and B. Tellini
Experiments with brush projectiles in a parallel augmented railgun   J. Gallant and P. Lehmann
The study on optics measuring method for projectile position in coil electromagnetic launch   Q. Chao, L. Xiaopeng, W. Zijun, and D. Jingmin
A 200KJ mobile pulsed power supply   Y. Gui, J. Dong, J. Li, C. Yu, Q. Deng, Y. Peng, and P. Yan
Implementation of a 50kW 4-phases switched reluctance motor drive system for HEV   W. Shuanghong, Z. Qionghua, M. Zhiyuan, and Z. Libing
Some results of research in the Ukraine of the electromechanical energy conversion in connection with analysis of stress state of active conductors in the railgun and coilgun   V. Chemerys
Analysis of electromagnetic field diffusion into the electrode and armature of rail accelerator using the method of Green’s function   V. Chemerys and V. Gorin
The dependency of magnetic blow-off forces on current in armature transition   F. Aixia, H. Junjia, Q. Shihong, and P. Yuan
A novel type rail- coil hybrid electromagnetic launcher   Y. Shiyong, W. Ying, C. Shanbao, L Qian, L. Xuqiong, and W. Wei
Axial excited hybrid reluctant motor applied in EV and research of its axial coil signal   Z. Qianfan, S. Liwei, P. Yulong, and C. Shukang
Research on ammunition integration for the electrothermal chemical gun   S. Zhongsheng, S. Caihui, R. Zhaoxing, W. Ying, and C. Sanbao
Analysis and calculation of coils losses on planar air core coil linear thruster based on analytical method for specific magnetic field   W. Xinlao, C. Shukang, Z. Qianfan, and P. Yulong
A driver of brushless DC motor for electric vehicle   Wu Hong-xing, C. Shu-kang, and C. Shu-mei
Proposition of novel X-shape rail gun   M. Chung
FEM/MOM formulation for the analysis of current distribution in rail launchers   A. Musolino
Geometric modeling and EM analysis of electrical windings for pulsed alternators   G. Wedeking
Performance spectrum of optical triggered thyristor switches for electric weapon systems   Th. H.G.G. Weise, B. Schuenemann, R. Keller, and J. Przybilla
Control of variation of delay time from ignition to launch in ETC gun   Y. Akahoshi, E. Matsuda, and H. Hata
Ultra-stiff, low mass, EM gun design   M.D. Werst, J.R. Kitzmiller, C.S. Hearn and G.A. Wedeking
Rail stator augmentation magnetic flux compression linear generator used in electric guns   D. Xiaojun, L. Zhengguo, P. Guohua, W. Ying, and L. Zhiyuan
Magnetization analysis of the brushless DC motor Used for hybrid electric vehicle   Z. Ping, L. Yong, C. Shumei, W. Yan, and C. Shukang
Mechanical behaviour of the PEGASUS railgun projectile during the launch   B. Reck
Comparison from modelling and experiment of electrothermal plasma temperature and pressure within granular propellant beds   M.J. Taylor and C.R. Woodley
The response of propellants to plasma radiation   R.A. Beyer and R.A. Pesce-Rodriguez
Investigation of windage splits in an enclosed test fixture having a high speed composite rotor in low air pressure environments   H. Liu, M. Werst, J. Hahne, and D. Bogard
Development of a plasma armature railgun with two distributed power supplies   A. Yamori, Y. Ono, and S. Sasaki
Numerical simulation of a complete generator-rail launch system   S. Barmada, A. Musolino, M. Raugi, and R. Rizzo
The conception of the explosion cumulative effect electromagnetic control optimal realization   S. V. Demidkov
Parameters of electric discharge in gas of high density   A.F. Savvateev, A.A. Bogomaz, A.V. Budin, M.E. Pinchuk, and Ph.G. Rutberg
Numerical simulation of a complete generator-rail launch system   S. Barmada, A. Musolino, M. Raugi, and R. Rizzo
Thermal characteristics of a laboratory EML launcher   S. Satapathy
Source of the magnetic field for realization of EML technologies   E. T. Protasevich and V. I. Shishkovsky
Corrected definition of skin depth at diffusion of pulsed magnetic field into moving conducting medium   V. Chemerys and A. Raychenko