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Abstracts Accepted

Abstracts Accepted as of November 28, 2007



Progress Toward an Electrothermal-Chemical Gun Model

Andrew J. Porwitzky, Michael Keidar, and Iain D. Boyd

Magnetohydrodynamic Effects in High-Velocity Railgun Plasma Armatures

Ian R. McNab, Francis Stefani, and David Wetz

Study of Two Control Strategies on a Permanent Magnet Linear Motor for EMALS

Hong-hao Luo, Jun Wu, and Wen-sen Chang

Magnetohydrodynamic Limit of the Shaped Charge Jet’s Performance at the Stage of Penetration

S.V.Demidkov and S.V.Fedorov

Composite Energy Storage Flywheel with Fatigue Resistant Design

Jerome T. Tzeng

TEMPO: A Thrusted, EM-launched Projectile

P. Joshi, H. Legner, S. Lubard, and R. Weiss

Influence of Charge Configurations on Plasma Ignition Delay of Propellants

Zhenggang Xiao, Sanjiu Ying, Aowei Xue, and Fuming Xu

Analysis of Reluctance Coil launcher Performance Using Coupled Field-Circuit Method

Zhang Chaowei, Dong Pengshu and Xie Youcai

Research on the Multilayer Induction Coil Launcher with Discrete Feed Power

Zhang Chaowei, Dong Pengshu and Xie Youcai

Conceptual Analysis of Design Solutions for Increase of Total Inductance Swing in the Rotating Compression Generator of Pulsed Power

Volodymyr T. Chemerys

Diffusion of the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field into the Multi-layer Core of Inductor at Pulsed Devices

Volodymyr T. Chemerys, Iren O. Borodiy

Prospectives of New Coilgun Design Development

Volodymyr T. Chemerys, Volodymyr F. Bolyukh

50 kJ Ultra-Compact Pulsed-Power Supply Unit for Active Protection Launcher Systems

Emil Spahn, Klaus Sterzelmeier, et al.

Shock Mechanism on the Base of One-Stage Coilgun for Destruction of Brittle Bodies: Investigation of Dynamic Processes

Volodymyr T. Chemerys, Volodymyr F. Bolyukh

Criteria of the Coilgun Efficiency and Their Analysis

Volodymyr T. Chemerys, Volodymyr F. Bolyukh

Multi-Stage Coilgun at Regular Ablation of the Active Conductor at Armature

Volodymyr T. Chemerys, Aleksandr D. Podoltsev

Cylindrical One-Stage Coilgun at the Presence of External Shielding

Volodymyr T. Chemerys and Volodymyr F. Bolyukh

Thermal Stress Analysis of the Rails of an Electromagnetic Launcher

M. Ghassemi, and M. Varmazyar

Effect of Magnetic Field on Flow and Temperature distribution in an Electromagnetic Pump

A. Shahidian and M. Ghassemi

Effect of Magnetic Flux Density and Other Properties on Temperature and Velocity Distribution in a Magnetohydrodynamic Pump (MHD)

A. Shahidian and M. Ghassemi

Effect of Transverse Magnetic Field on Buoyancy-Driven Flow in a Differentially Heated Square Cavity with Two Insulated baffles

M. Ghassemi, M.Pirmohammadi, and Gh.A.Sheikhzadeh

Numerical Simulation of Pulsed-Power Systems Powered by a Flux Compression Generator

Patrik Appelgren, Anders Larsson and Sten E Nyholm

Assessment of an Electrothermal-Chemical (ETC) Launch Technique based upon Closed Vessel Experiments

Anders Larsson, Sten Andreasson and Elisabeth Bemm

Repetitive Stressing of Anode and Cathode Materials used in High-Power Microwave (HPM) Systems

Mattias Elfsberg, Tomas Hurtig, Anders Larsson, Cecilia Möller and Sten E Nyholm

Use of Multi-Megagauss Magnetic Fields for Hypervelocity Flyer Plate Launch at the Sandia Z Machine

Marcus D. Knudson, Raymond W. Lemke, C.H. Harjes, Jean-Paul Davis, David E. Bliss, and Tim D. Pointon

The effect of a transverse magnetic field on buoyancy-driven convection in differentially heated square cavity

M.Ghassemi, M.Pirmohammadi, and G.A.Sheikhzadeh

Implementation of a Three-Phase Switched Reluctance Generator System for Wind Power Applications

H. Chen

Double 7.5-kW Three-Phase Switched Reluctance Motors Parallel Drive System for Electric Locomotive Traction

H. Chen

Linear Electromagnetic Oil Pumping Unit Based on the Principle of Coil Gun

Li. Xiaopeng, Li Liyi, Zhou Yuan, Meng Tao and Tian Ku

Influence on Launching Speed by the Figure and Material Characteristic of Projectiles

Li. Xiaopeng, Li Liyi, Zhou Yuan, Meng Tao and Tian Ku

Efficiency Increasing into Power Gas-dynamic Laser by Electrodynamic Acceleration of Detonation Wave

Vladimir F. Bolyukh, Kostyantyn V. Korytchenko, and Alexander I. Kosoy

Research on the Axial-radial Flux Compound-Structure Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine (CSPMSM) Used for HEV

Ping Zheng, Lina Li, Lin Shen, Ranran Liu, and Jing Zhao

Improved Energy Utilization Of Linear Induction Launchers by Considering Each Section as an Individual Sub-Launcher

A. Balikci, Z. Zabar, L. Birenbaum, and D. Czarkowski

An Electromagnetic Launcher Structure with Magnetic Levitation Realized Based On Current Vector Control

Lizhi Sun, Fang Luo, and Yongping Lu

Frictional behavior of metal couples under unidirectional sliding with and without current through the interface

Andriy Kovalchenko, Dinesh Bansal, Jeffrey Streator, Richard Cowan and Steven Danyluk

Evaluation of the Magnetic Coupling Degree and Performance of Axial-Axial Flux Compound-Structure PMSM Used for HEVs

Zheng Ping, Zhao Jing, Wu Qian, Shen Lin, Li Lina, and Liu Ranran

NRL Materials Testing Facility Railgun Laboratory

Jesse M. Neri, Robert A. Meger, Brett M. Huhman, and Ryan B. Hoffman

High-Speed Macroparticle Destruction in a High-Current Discharge

V. Obukhov, A. Ovchinnikov, A. Piskunkov, A. Pertsev, V. Shishaev

Research on the Control of a Radial-Radial Flux Compound-Structure Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Machine (CS-PMSM) Used for HEVs

Ping Zheng, Ranran Liu, Weiguang Fan, Jing Zhao, and Jianwei Li

Analysis of Distributed Energy Railguns to Suppress Secondary Arc Formation

R. Karhi, J. Mankowski, J. Dickens, and M. Kristiansen

Dynamic Simulation of Coaxial Coil Gun Based on the Current Filament Method, the Composite Grid Method and the Mortar Finite Element Method

Peng Ying, Ruan Jiangjun, Liu Kaipei, Wang Ying and Liu Shoubao

Operational Characteristics of a Field-breakdown Triggered Vacuum Switch

Zhou Zhengyang, Liao Minfu, Zou Jiyan, and Dong Huajun

Comparison between 2D and 3D Electromagnetic Modeling of Railguns

Gennady A. Shvetsov and Sergey V. Stankevich

Inductive Pulsed-Power Supply with the methodology of Marx Generator

Y. Aso, T. Hashimoto, T. Abe and S. Yamada

In-situ Measurement of the Current Distribution between Multiple Brush Armatures

M. Schneider and R. Schneider

Magnetic diffusion in railguns: measurements using CMR-based sensors

M. Schneider, M. Woetzel, S. Baleviius, V. Stankevi and N. Zurauskiene

The use of electronic components in railgun projectiles

R. Ciolini, M. Schneider, and B. Tellini

The ISL rapid fire railgun project RAFIRA Part I: Development and construction

M. Schneider, M. Woetzel, W. Wenning and D. Walch

The ISL-rapid-fire-railgun project RAFIRA Part II: First results

M. Schneider, M. Woetzel and W. Wenning

Structural mechanics of railguns in the case of discrete supports

L. Tumonis, M. Schneider , A. Kaeniauskas and R. Kaianauskas

Mechanical behavior of sabots during launch

M. Schneider, C. Avril and A. Eichhorn

Inductance Computation Consideration of Induction Coil Launcher

Zhao Keyi and Cheng Shukang

Influence of Driving Current's Wave vs. Accelerative Performance of Induction coil launcher

Zhao Keyi and Cheng Shukang

Simulation and Measurement on Velocity of Flat-Plate Projectiles in a Three-Stage Reconnection Electromagnetic Launcher

Minfu Liao, Xiongying Duan, Jiyan Zou, Zhengyang Zhou, and Chun Zhao

Characteristics of a Field-Breakdown Triggered Vacuum Switch

Zhengyang Zhou, Minfu Liao, Dapeng Bu, and Jiyan Zou

Improvement of Inductance Gradient in Railgun Using Ferromagnetic Materials

Asghar Keshtkar, Ali Kalantarnia and Mojtaba Kiani

A New Method (IEM) for Derivation of a Formula for Gradient Inductance

S. Bayati and A. Keshtkar

Effect of Rail’s Material on Railgun Inductance Gradient and Losses

S. Bayati and A. Keshtkar

Triggered Vacuum Switch and Air Spark Gap for Pulsed Power Applications

Minfu Liao, Xiongying Duan, Jiyan Zou, Chun Zhao and Zhengyang Zhou

Analysis of the Dynamic Behavior of a Linear Induction Type Catapult

G. Becherini, S. Di Fraia, and B. Tellini

Fabrication and Simulation of A Self-Excited All-Air-Core and A Separate-Excited All-Iron-Core Passive Compulsator

Cui Shumei ,Wu shaopeng, and Cheng Shukang

Projectile-stacked techniques for electromagnetic railgun

Jiange Zhang and Gang Gu

Electromagnetically-driven safety impact test system for automobiles

Jiange Zhang and Gang Gu

Research on Reinforcing Technology of Driving Coil in Electromagnetic Launcher

Lei Bin, Li Zhiyuan, Zhao Keyi, Xiang Hongjun, and Zhi Binan

Parametric Study of the Capillary Plasma Source for Electrothermal Chemical Guns

Andrew J. Porwitzky, Michael Keidar, and Iain D. Boyd

Recessed Electrode Plasma Railgun

William H. Davis

ICCOS Counter-Current Thyristor High-Power Opening Switch For Currents Up To 28 kA

Philipp H. Dedié, Volker Brommer, Caroline Gauthier-Blum, Laurent Sinniger, and Bernard Grasser

Experimental Realization of an Eight-Stage XRAM Generator Based on ICCOS Semiconductor Opening Switches, Fed by a Magnetodynamic Storage System

Philipp H. Dedié, Volker Brommer, Günter Buderer, Bernard Grasser, and Laurent Sinniger

Mathematic Model of Electrothermal Armor and Measurement of Its Main Performance Parameters

Li Zhiyuan, Zhao Keyi , Guan XiaocunYang, Qiuxue, and Li Xiaoming

Characteristic Research on Electromagnetic Field of Winding Armature in Coil Launcher

Li Sanqun and Zhao Keyi

Measurement and Analysis of Time Delay Characteristics of Field-breakdown Triggered Vacuum Switches

Manling Dong, Junjia He, Yuan Pan, and Zheng Xiao

Review on the Technology Characteristics and the Military Application of Railgun

LV Qing-ao, LI Zhiyuan, LEI Bin, Yang Qiuxue, ZHAO Keyi, and CHI Xiaoping

MFCG as Future Military Pulsed Power Supply

LV Qing-ao, GAO Min, ZHAO Keyi, CHI Xiaoping

Simulation and Optimization of the Multi-stage Reconnection Electromagnetic Launch

Chun Zhao, Jiyan Zou, Junjia He, Xiaopeng Li, and Zhengyang Zhou

A High Repetition Rate Pulsed Supply for Triggered Switches

Chun Zhao, Junjia He, Yuan Pan, and Manling Dong

High Voltage Super-capacitors for Energy Storage Devices Applications

Zhang Li, Song Jin-yan, and Zou Ji-yan

The Windings Inductance Calculation of an Air-Core Compulsator

Caiyong Ye, Kexun Yu, Guoping Zhang, and Yuan Pan

A Model for Predicting Transition in Railgun Fibre Brush Armatures

Bernhard Reck

10MW High Gain Iron Core Compulsators-Design and Tests for High Power Solid State Lasers

LI Ge, Cao Liang, GENG Tao

Study of High Energy Cable for a 100kJ Modular Pulsed Power Supply

Jiannian Dong, Jun Zhang, Jun Li, and Yinchun Gui

Two-Objective Optimization Design for Pulsed Power Supply

Shi Zhengjun and Yu Xinjie

A Novel Current Pulse Power Supply for Micro-arc Oxidation

Yang Shiyan, Yang Wei, and Liu xiaofang

A Study on Aerial Motion Feature and Model of Electromagnetic Projectile

Jinzhong ZHANG, Weidong SONG, and Shizhong LI

Development of a Capacitive Pulsed Power Supply for Railgun Experiments

XIA Sheng-guo, LI Jun, and HE Jun-jia

Analysis of the performance of C-Shaped armature with resistivity gradient

Zheng Xiao, Junjia He, Shengguo Xia, and Lixue Chen

Useful Techniques for Field Analysts in the Design and Optimization of Linear Induction Motors

Kent Davey and Ray Zowarka

Modeling and Analysis of the Current Distribution between the Brushes of a Multiple Brush Projectile in a Parallel Augmented Railgun

M. Coffo and J. Gallant

Compact, Deployable Ultra Lightweight Multi-Megawatt Nuclear Power Systems for Very Long Range Electromagnetic Launchers

James R. Powell and J. Paul Farrell

MACE: A Compact, Deployable Lightweight Electric Energy Storage System with Multi-Megamp and Gigajoule Delivery Capability

James R. Powell, George Maise, and J. Paul Farrell

Shielding of High Magnetic Fields

G. Becherini, R. Ciolini, S. Di Fraia, M. Schneider, and B. Tellini

The Velocity- and Efficiency-Limiting Effects of Magnetic Diffusion in the Railgun’s Sliding Contact

T.G. Engel, J.M. Neri, and M.J. Veracka

Progress in the Development of a Solid-Projectile Helical Coil Electromagnetic Launcher for Low and Medium Velocity Applications

T.G. Engel, J.M. Neri, and M.J. Veracka

Behavior of Copper-Aluminum Tribological Pair under High Current Densities

Dinesh G. Bansal and Jeffrey L. Streator

3-D Electromagnetic Analysis of Armatures and Rails for High Launch Energy Applications

Liu Hsing-Pang and Michael Lewis

Multi-Scale Modeling of Metal-Metal Contact Dynamics under High Electro-Magnetic Stress: An Atomic View of Rail Wear

Douglas Irving, Clifford Padgett, Yin Guo, John Mintmire, and Donald Brenner

An Investigation of Three Dimensional Elastic-Plastic Hemispherical Sliding Contact

John Moody and Itzhak Green

Algebraic Multigrid Application for Transient Eddy Current Calculation in Railguns by Using Moving Coordinates

Yuanqing Liu, and Jiansheng Yuan

Research on the Eddy Loss in Containment of Railguns

Yuanqing Liu

The Research for Control System of Nine Phase Linear Oil Pumping Motor

A. Wu Hongxing, B. Li Liyi, and C.Kou Baoquan

The Research of a Novel Brushless DC Linear Motor for Electromagnetic Catapults

A. Wu Hongxing, B. Li Liyi, and C.Kou Baoquan

The Research of Permanent Magnet Linear Synchronous Motors for Electromagnetic Launch

A. Wu Hongxing, B. Kou Baoquan, and C. Li Liyi

Analysis and Reduction of the cogging force of Tubular Linear Electromagnetic Launcher for Space Platform

Kou Baoquan, Li Liyi, and Zhang Chengming

Pulse Current Test System Adapted to Multi-stage Reconnection Gun

Zhang Chengming, Huang Xuzhen and Tan Hongjiang

The Design for the multi-stage Reconnection Electromagnetic launcher System

Wu Hongxing, Hong Junjie and Li Peng

Analysis and Optimization of the Thrust Characteristics of Tubular Linear Electromagnetic Launcher for Space Platform

Kou Baoquan, Li Liyi, and Zhang Chengming

Research on the Characteristics of Permanent Magnet Linear Electromagnetic Catapult based on the segmented primary structure

Li Peng , Wu Hongxing, Huang xuzhen, and Hong Junjie

Thrust Characteristics of double-side plate Electromagnetic Catapults Based on Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Li Liyi, Kou Baoquan, and Gong Jian

Analysis and Reduction of Cogging Force of Double-Side Plate Linear Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for Electromagnetic Catapults

Li Liyi, Kou Baoquan, and Gong Jian

Section Crossing Drive and Control for the Long-move-distance Electromagnetic Launcher with Great Repulsive Force

Hong Junjie, Wu Hongxing and Li Qiguo

Measurement of the in-Bore Position and Velocity of Solid Armature Using B-Dot Probes in Railgun Experiments

Zijian Wang, Junjia He, Shengguo Xia, Zheng Xiao, Lixue Chen, Zheng Cheng, and Manling Dong

The study of electric field of high-power supercapacitors

Song Jin-yan, Zou Ji-yan, and Zhang Li

Muzzle Voltage of Railgun in Zero Velocity and Launch Experiments

Lixue Chen, Junjia He, Yuan Pan, and Zheng Xiao

Development of Pseudo-liquid Armature

Jun Li, Yingchun Gui, Ping Yan, Weiqun Yuan, Junjia He, and Shengguo Xia

Development of 120mm Electro-thermal Chemical Launcher

Zhongkai Ma, Jun Li, Jiannian Dong, M inan Zhang, and Yingchun Gui

The BITAT Electromagnetic Launcher Program

Q. J. Jiao, J. X. Nie, J. Li, and J. F. Qin

Structure Design of an “Open-Bore” Electromagnetic Launcher

J. X. Nie, Q. J. Jiao, J. F. Qin, and J. Li

The Experimental Study of Plasma Ignition on Large Caliber Gun at different Propellant Temperature

DI Jia-wei and Li Bing

The theory analysis and simulation of the single stage inductive coil gun’s launch process

Hang Kai, Li Yuan, Zhang Ming-an, and Guo Quan-wang

Study on the influence of the electric parameters on the output in PFN

Han Yongxia and Lin Fuchang

Close-in Defense Weapon System Based on Railgun

HAN Jun, PAN Yuan, and HE Junjia

Power Pulsing As A Way to Control Current for Increased Efficiency in Coil Guns

Charles D. Swan

Piezo-Based High-Voltage High Energy Generator

B. Schuenemann, F. Schoetzig, and M. Jung

High-Voltage Monitoring

B. Schuenemann, J. Joerling, J. Hofmann, R. Kerschke, and M. Jung

Effect of 1000 kV UHV AC Double-circuit Transmission Lines on Metal Pipelines and Protective Measurements

LI Ni, TANG Jian, and XIE Hui-chun

Double-Stators Permanent Magnet Synchronous In-Wheel Motor For Hybrid Electric Drive System

Chai Feng, Xiajing, and Cheng Shukang

Compact high voltage IGBT switch for pulsed power applications

Volker Zorngiebel, Emil Spahn, Günter Buderer, Adriaan Welleman, and Wilhelm Fleischmann

Study on the Effect and the Direction Accuracy of AEMPS

Shizhong Li, Yingchun Gui, Chengda Yu, and Peizhu Liu

Experimental Investigation of Pseudo-liquid Armature with Air-spring for Railguns at Zero Speed

Yingchun Gui, Shizhong Li, Peizhu Liu, Chengda Yu , Junjia He and Jun Li

Research on Computer Measure and Control System of Electromagnetic Railgun

Fucai Liu, Shiguo Wang, and Yang Liu

Research on the Performances of an Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Starter-Generator for HEV

Chai Feng, Pei Yulong, and Cheng Shukang

The Standards of High Power Transient Phenomena

LI Ni and WU Xiong

Pulse Shaping Trades of Advanced Pulsed Alternator Systems; Excitation Level, Acceleration Ratio, and Efficiency

Jon Kitzmiller

Staging Multiple Compulsators in Long Pulse Width Railgun Applications

Jon Kitzmiller, John Uglum, and Mircea Driga

A Bond Graph Systems Model of Railgun Longitudinal Propulsion

Michael D. Bryant

ETC Research on 120mm Gun in Korea