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Armatures and Integrated Launch Packages
Computational Techniques
Diagnostic Techniques
Earth to Space Launch
Electrothermal/ Electrothermal- Chemical Launchers
EM Armor
Energy Storage
High Power Microwave
Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Platform Integration - Army
Platform Integration - Navy
Power Conditioning and Switching


Armatures and Integrated Launch Packages

Projectiles with Rod-Shaped Payloads for the PEGASUS Railgun
B. Reck, P. Lehmann, W. Wenning, and M. D. Vo

Railgun Tribology—Chemical Reactions between Contacts
C. Persad

Experiments with Armature Contact Claddings
F. Stefani, M. Crawford, D. Melton, and T. J. Watt

Experimental Characterization of Plasma Arc Dynamics in the Presence of Rotating Magnetic Field
G. Becherini, S. Di Fraia, and B. Tellini

Why the “Pseudo-liquid Armature with Air-spring” Broke
J. Li, Q. Deng, Y. Gui, C. Yu, P. Yan, Y. Sun, Y. Wang, and J. He

The Concept of Liquid Metal Armature
Li Zhiyuan, Lei Bin, Zhao Keyi, and Yang Qiuxue

A “Flexible” Armature in Experiment of Rail Type Electromagnetic Launching System
M. Li, F. Xue, Y. Xiang, L. Tao, and M. Sun

Flight Test and Recovery of Gun Launched Instrumented Projectiles using High-G On Board Recording Techniques
P. Muller, E. Bukowski, G. Katulka, and P. Peregino

Magnetic Repulsive Forces on Armature Contacts
R. Merrill, F. Stefani, and T. J. Watt

Down-Slope Contact Transition in Railguns
S. Satapathy and H. Vanicek

Effect of Geometry Change on Armature Behavior
S. Satapathy, T. J. Watt, and C. Persad

A Review of the Vaporization Current Wave Transition Model of EML Solid Armatures
T. E. James

Cracking and Dominant Stresses in the Throat Region of C-shaped Solid Armatures
T. J. Watt and M. D. Bryant

Microstructures in the Throat Region of Recovered Aluminum-Alloy Armatures
T. J. Watt and M. D. Bryant

A Multipole EML Armature Concept
T. E. James




On the Design of Coilguns for Super-Velocity Launchers
A. Balikci, Z. Zabar, L. Birenbaum, and D. Czarkowski

Research on Structure of Electromagnetic Launching Coil
C. Yanjie, W. Chengxue, S. Xuefeng, W. Xiangyang, and L. Wenbiao

Study of A Three-Stage Reconnection Electromagnetic Launcher Using Triggered Vacuum Switches
C. Zhao, J. Zou, X. Li, M. Liao, Z. Zhou, and Y. Wang

Design and Simulation on Symmetrically Permanent Magnet Linear Electromagnetic Catapult
K. Zhao and Z. Li

The Research of the Cylindrical Staggered Lamination Linear Pulse Launcher
S. Liwei, L. Weiliang, C. Shukang, and C. Shumei

Performance Analysis of AICL Powered with Charged Capacitors
Y. Wang, G. Zhang, H. Wang, and J. Yu



Computational Techniques

The Inductance Computation for the Passive Compulsator
G. Li

Modeling, Simulation, and Testing of Linear Permanent Magnet Brushless dc Motor
J. Lu and W. Ma

Hybrid FE/BE Implementation on Electromechanical Systems with Moving Conductors
K.-T. Hsieh

Simulation of Liquid Lubricant Injection in Electromagnetic Launcher Armatures
R. F. Salant and L. Wang

Research on the High Power Density Electromagnetic Propeller
R. Liu, P. Zheng, D. Xie, and L. Wang

Modeling Assumptions for Railguns
T. J. Watt and M. D. Bryant

An Algorithm to Couple an External RL Circuit with the Finite Element Code EMAP3D
V. Thiagarajan and K.-T. Hsieh



Diagnostic Techniques

Strain Evolution in Metal Conductors Subjected to Short-Duration Current Pulses
F. Gallo, R. Watkins, K. Ravi-Chandar, and S. Satapathy

Pulsed Current Static Electrical Contact Experiment
H. N. Jones, J. M. Neri, C. N. Boyer, K. P. Cooper, and R. A. Meger

Coefficient of Friction Measurement in the Presence of High Current Density
L. Brown, D. Xu, K. Ravi-Chandar, and S. Satapathy

Research on Module Measurement and Control System for Pulsed Capacitor Based on CAN Bus
Lei Bin, Li Zhiyuan, Zhao Keyi, and Yang Shiyan

Highly Local Measurements of Strong Transient Magnetic Fields during Railgun Experiments using CMR-based Sensors
M. Schneider, R. Schneider, V. Stankevic, S. Balevicius, and N. Zurauskiene

Measurement of High-Strain-Rate Adiabatic Strength of Conductors
D. Landen, S. Satapathy, and D. Surls

In-Flight Armature Diagnostics
S. W. Allison, M. R. Cates, S. M. Goedeke, M. T. Crawford, S. B. Ferraro, J. Stewart, and D. Surls



Earth to Space Launch

A Research Program to Study Airborne Launch to Space
I. R. McNab

Projectile Nosetip Thermal Management for Railgun Launch to Space
I. R. McNab, G. V. Candler, and C. S. Barbee

Aerothermodynamic Aspects of Railgun Assisted Launches of Projectiles with Sub- and Low-Earth-Orbit Payloads
O. Bozic and P. Giese

Acceleration of a Suborbital Payload using an Electromagnetic Railgun
P. Lehmann, B. Reck, M. D. Vo, and J. Behrens



Electrothermal/ Electrothermal- Chemical Launchers

Modeling of the Plasma-Propellant Interaction
A. J. Porwitzky, M. Keidar, and I. D. Boyd

Electric and Optic Parameters of Discharge in High Density Gas
A. V. Budin, S. Y. Losev, M. E. Pinchuk, A. F. Savvateev, and Ph. G. Rutberg

Pulsed-Power Driven Metafex Launchers
D. Davison

Study of Plasma Jet Capabilities to Produce Uniform Ignition of Propellants, Ballistic Gain, and Significant Decrease of the "Temperature Gradient" Effect
D. Zoler, N. Shafir, D. Forte, E. Kot, A. Ravid, S. Wald, and M. Sudai

Increase of Electrothermal Launcher Life Time
E. Ya. Shcolnikov, S. P. Maslennikov, N. N. Netchaev, L. A. Sukhanova, and A. V. Chebotarev

Recent Activities in Electro-Thermal Chemical Launcher Technologies at BAE Systems
J. Dyvik, J. Herbig, R. Appleton, J. O'Reilly, and J. Shin

Measurement of Organic Plasma Temperature for 155 mm ETC Gun Ignition
M. J. Taylor

Ablation Study in a Capillary Sustained Discharge
M. Keidar, I. D. Boyd, A. W. Williams, and R. A. Beyer

The Experimental Research of the Plasma-Propellant Charge Interaction
M. Zhang, J. Li, J. Dong, B. Li, and Y. Gui

Plasma Ignition in a 30 mm Cannon
R. A. Beyer and A. L. Brant

Temperature Compensation and Improved Ballistic Performance in a Solid-Propellant Electro-thermal Chemical (SPETC) 40 mm Gun
R. Alimi, L. Bakshi, E. Kot, and M. Sudai

Plasma-Replacement Technology of ETC-Ignition of Powder Charges in High-Velocity Launchers
S. V. Sinyaev, M. A. Kramar, V. I. Kulpin, and V. G. Surkov

ETC-Investigations in the upper Medium Calibre Range
Th. H. G. G. Weise, P. Schaffers, O. Stark, L.-P. Svanberg, L. Gustavsson, and J. Dahlberg

Development and Evaluation of a TSLGG—Application of an ETC Gun System to its First Stage
Y. Akahoshi, J. Kitagawa, T. Koura, S. Fukushige, and M. Tadaoka

Consideration of a Novel Surface Discharge Plasma Igniter
Y. Gui, J. Li, J. Dong, and M. Zhang

A Novel Concept of Electrothermal Chemical Gun without Power Supply
Y. Tian, C. Wang, and Z. Li

Experimental Ballistic Improvement in a Pure Electro-Thermal (ET) 25mm Gun
R. Alimi, L. Bakshi, E. Kot, N. Shafir, D. Forte, and M. Sudai



EM Armor

Electric Armor against Shaped Charges: Analysis of Jet Distortion with Respect to Jet Dynamics and Current Flow
M. Wickert



Energy Storage

Design, Construction, and Testing of an Inductive Pulsed-Power Supply for a Small Railgun
A. Sitzman, D. Surls, and J. A. Mallick

Thermoplastic Applications for Pulse Power Alternators
C. S. Hearn, J. J. Hahne, H.-P. Lui, and M. D. Werst

Field Coil Insulation Testing for Pulse Power Alternators
C. S. Hearn, J. J. Hahne, S. M. Manifold, and S. P. Pish

High Energy Density (HED) Biaxial-Oriented Poly-Propylene (BOPP) Capacitors For Pulse Power Applications
E. J. Barshaw, J. White, M. J. Chait, J. B. Cornette, J. Bustamante, G. Dorr, and F. Folli

Induction Motor Performance Testing With an Inverter Power Supply: Part 1
H. E. Jordan, R. C. Zowarka, T. J. Hotz, and J. R. Uglum

Development of an Ultracapacitor-Based Intermediate Energy Storage System
J. Locker and T. Wolfe

Field Initiation Design Fundamentals for Pulsed Alternators
J. R. Kitzmiller and M. D. Driga

Experimental Study on Reliability of High Energy Density MLC for Pulsed Power Application
L. Dai, F. Lin, Z. Zhu, Z. Zhao, and J. Li

Experimental Investigations on Hybrid Super-capacitors
L. Zhang, J. Song, and J. Zou

High Galvanic and High Energy Density Discharge Capacitors
P. Michalczyk, C. Vincent, and C. Gauthier-Blum

Induction Motor Performance Testing with an Inverter Power Supply: Part 2
R. C. Zowarka, T. J. Hotz, J. R. Uglum, and H. E. Jordan

Super-capacitor Stacks Management System with Dynamic Equalization Techniques
R. Lu, C. Zhu, L. Song, L. Tian, and Qi Wang

Structural Properties and Testing of a Composite Banding Used in High-Speed Rotors
V. Lelos, S. M. Manifold, and J. J. Granier



High Power Microwave

Interface Breakdown during High Power Microwave Transmission
A. A. Neuber, G. F. Edmiston, J. T. Krile, H. Krompholz, J. C. Dickens, and M. Kristiansen

HPEM Sources for Military Application
M. Jung, J. Schmitz, B. Schünemann, and G. Wollmann



Hybrid Electric Vehicles

An Electric Bus with Super-Capacitors as Unique Energy Storage
C. Zu, R. Lu, L. Song, and Q. Wang

Development of PMSM Drives for Hybrid Electric Car Applications
D. Ying, S. Liwei, and C. Shumei

Research on a Tubular Longitudinal Flux PM Linear Generator Used for Free-Piston Energy Converter
P. Zheng, A. Chen, P. Thelin, W. M. Arshad, and C. Sadarangani

Research on the Complementary Magnetization of a Brushless DC Motor Used for HEV
P. Zheng, R. Liu, D. Xie, Y. Guo, and L. Wang

Research on the Cooling System of a 4QT Prototype Machine Used for HEV
P. Zheng, R. Liu, P. Thelin, E. Nordlund, and C. Sadarangani

Research on the Parameters and Performances of a 4QT Prototype Machine Used for HEV
P. Zheng, R. Liu, P. Thelin, E. Nordlund, and C. Sadarangani

Energy Saving Electric Machine Driving System Test-bed for EV and HEV
Q. Zhang, S. Cui, and Y. Cheng

PMSM Drive System Applying on Hybrid Electric Car
Q. Zhang, L. Song, P. Zheng, and S. Cheng

Study on Improving the Performance of PM Wheel Motor in EV Application
S. Wu, L. Song, and S. Cui

Motor Control Method for Double Shaft Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle AMT Shifting
W. Zheng, S. Cui, D. Xie, and S. Cheng

Study of the Operation Modes and Control Strategies of an Advanced Electromechanical Converter for Automobiles
Y. Cheng, S. Cui, L. Song, and C. C. Chan



Platform Integration - Army

Electrothermal Chemical (ETC) Armament System Integration into a Combat Vehicle
B. Goodell

Research of a Novel UAV Electromagnetic Catapult System
L. Li, T. Meng, and X. Li

ETC 120 mm Weapon Integration Constraints in a Heavy Tank
P. Bidorini and M. Aragier

Multi-Projectile Active Electromagnetic Armor
X. Li , F. Lu, T. Meng, C. Zhao, and L. Li



Platform Integration - Navy

Coordination of Large Pulsed Loads on Future Electric Ships
L. N. Domaschk, A. Ouroua, R. E. Hebner, O. E. Bowlin, and W. B. Colson

Naval Railguns
I. R. McNab and F. C. Beach

Systems Engineering a Naval Railgun
J. Bean, P. Shebalin, and W. Solitario

System-Level Thermal Management of Pulsed Loads on an All-Electric Ship
T. W. Webb, T. M. Kiehne, and S. Haag



Power Conditioning and Switching

Integration and Test of a 2nd Generation Dual Purpose Pulse Forming Network into the P&E HWIL SIL
E. J. Barshaw, J. White, G. Danielson, M. J. Chait, G. Frazier, B. Dixon, B. Marinos, and D. Milner

Evaluation of Advanced Si and SiC Switching Components for Army Pulsed Power Applications
H. O’Brien, W. Shaheen, R. L. Thomas, Jr., T. Crowley, S. B. Bayne, and C. J. Scozzie

A 100 kJ Modular Pulsed Power Supply with Thyristors
J. Dong, W. Hu, J. Zhang, Y. Gui, and J. Li

Pulsed Power Applications with Direct Light Triggered Thyristors
J. Przybilla, U. Kellner-Werdehausen, H.-J. Schulze, and F.-J. Niedernostheide

Study on Impedance Properties of Electrodes for Supercapacitors
J. Zou, J. Song, and L. Zhang

Physical Scale Model Alternators as a Pulsed Power Source Simulator
N. Shepard, Y. Y. Chen, and J. A. Mallick

Experimental Results from a Physical Scale Model Alternator Pair as a Pulsed Power Source Simulator
Y. Y. Chen, N. Shepard, and J. A. Mallick




Increasing of Railgun Inductance Gradient by Using Tapered I Shaped Rail
A. Kalantarnia and A.Keshtkar

Analysis of a Rectangular Railgun to Extract Effects of Shield Material and Placement on Inductance Gradient
A. Keshtkar and E. S. Moghaddam

Elastic Waves in Electromagnetic Launchers
A. J. Johnson and F. C. Moon

Heat Generation During the Firing of a Capacitor Based Railgun System
A. N. Smith, B. T. McGlasson, and J. S. Bernardes

Electromagnetic Launchers—The New Concept (Additional Arguments)
A. V. Kozlov, S. N. Luzganov, V. P. Polistchook, and A. V. Shurupov

Railgun Tribology: Characterization and Control of Multishot Wear Debris
C. Persad and Z. Castro

Eddy Current Effects in the Laminated Containment Structure of Railguns
D. Landen and S. Satapathy

A Study of Magnetic Sawing in an Aluminum Bar
D. Melton, T. J. Watt, and M. Crawford

A Plasma Railgun Experiment Addressing Launch-to-Space Issues
F. Stefani, I. R. McNab, J. V. Parker, M. Alonzo, and T. Klatt

Design of Plasma Launcher with Gyro Stabilized Launch Mass
G. Becherini, S. Di Fraia, and B. Tellini

A Bench Top Railgun with Distributed Energy Sources
J. Mankowski, D. Wetz, B. McDaniel, B. McHale, J. Dickens, M. Giesselmann, and M. Kristiansen

Research on Big Size Multi-turn Rail Electromagnetic Launching System
J. Zhang, G. Gu, Y. Xiang, X. Zhao, and X. Liu

Transient Resonant Dynamics of Components in Hypervelocity Launchers at Critical Speeds
K. B. Lewis and N. V. Nechitailo

Dynamic Response and Armature Critical Velocity Studies in an Electromagnetic Railgun
K. Daneshjoo, M. Rahimzadeh, and R. Ahmadi

Design and Modeling of SBAR Electromagnetic Launcher
K. Daneshjoo, M. Sokhanpardaz, and M. Rahimzadeh

Metallurgical Analysis of Railgun Material
K. P. Cooper, H. N. Jones, and R. A. Meger

A Bond Graph Model of Railgun System Dynamics
M. D. Bryant and R. Quintanilla

Analysis of Force Distribution Acting upon the Rails and the Armature and Prediction of Velocity with Time in an Electromagnetic Launcher with a New Method
M. Ghassemi, Y. Molayi Barsi, and M. H. Hamedi

Parameters Effecting the Convergence of Inductance Gradient (L′) in an Electromagnetic Launcher
M. R. Zarnaghi, A. Keshtkar, and M. Ghassemi

Advanced Rail-Sabot Configurations for Brush Armatures
M. Schneider and R. Schneider

Research on High Power Railguns at the Naval Research Laboratory
R. A. Meger, J. Neri, R. J. Allen, R. B. Hoffman, C. N. Boyer, B. M. Huhman, K. P. Cooper, H. Jones, J. Sprague, S. Qadri, and I. L. Singer

Nonlinear Model and Analysis of Performance for a Novel Hybrid-Magnetic-Circuit Multiple-Coupling Linear Electromagnetic Thruster
S. Cheng, Y. Pei, L. Song, and Q. Zhang

Energy Partition and Scaling Issues in a Railgun
S. Satapathy and H. Vanicek

Investigation of Damage to Solid-Armature Railguns at Startup
T. J. Watt, F. Stefani, M. Crawford, H. Mark, and J. V. Parker

A Magnetofluid Mechanical Model to Describe Rail–Armature Interface Phenomena
V. Thiagarajan and K.-T. Hsieh

Numerical Simulation of Current Density Distributions in Graded Laminated Armatures
Y. Liu, J. Li, D. Chen, and J. Yuan

A Model for Computing Equation of State of Plasma of the FST Injector of Electromagnetic Railgun
Y. Tian, C. Wang, and Z. Li

Results of Copper-Silver Rail Materials Tests
Z. Castro and C. Persad




New Carbon-Copper Composite Material Applied in Rail Type Launching System
Q. Hong, M. Li, J. Wei, H. Song, F. Xue, and M. Sun


13th EML Author Index